Monday, June 30, 2014

Custom Textures in VEO (workaround)

From Stuff and BIMs:
"So an issue many people have with VEO when starting out is that any sort of photo realistic materials can't be modified in terms of selecting new images.

As a result the non-rendered images when we are trying to achieve things like Blockwork or CMU aren't achievable at this point in time.
All you need to do is get any image you wish and rename to the identical name of the image you are replacing.


When you open VEO and reload the project you should see the updated image on any objects assigned with that material. "

Read the whole post (including caveats) at:

Stuff and BIMs: Introduction & VEO

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Updated VEO™ release - version 1.6.2

From the release notes page:

  • Look for tooltip messages by hovering over UI elements. They will often provide more details and context.
  • Avoid changes to Project Structure (grouping and nesting projects together) until you are fully synced.
  • Simultaneous collaboration is smoother and less prone to conflicting changes when users work in parallel but on non-overlapping content.

VEO 1.6.2 Release Notes
VEO Viewer Improvements
  • Graphics settings are now persisted locally after an upgrade
  • Workspace settings are now persisted locally after an upgrade
  • Graphics are now immediately adjusted after out-of-range geometry is deleted
VEO Viewer Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that inaccurately reported the remaining number of download items after toggling offline/online mode
  • Fixed a bug that caused previously dropped stashes to reappear
  • Fixed a bug related to dragging and dropping Master Presets between Master Preset groups
  • Fixed a UI bug with Model Visibility checkbox states
  • Fixed a bug that caused VEO to crash while downloading a corrupt PDF
Revit Plugin Fixes
  • Plugin properly handles re-exporting a model after failed export
  • Fixed a bug that caused room volumes to appear by default
Known Issues
  • Rendered images do not honor Sectioning
  • Drag-selection outside Section panes can still select partially visible objects
  • Updating a project while exporting a Model Stream may cause Database Locked Errors
  • No project creation while offline
  • No project creation from Exporters
  • Desktop screenshot does not work as expected with multiple monitors
  • Moving large number of clash results to a coordination group may cause VEO to become unresponsive for a while
  • Applying a large number of project updates may appear slow
  • While a new version of a project is uploading, applying a project update from another user may cause your pending revision to appear missing. Once the upload is complete all versions of the project should appear in sync.
  • Previous revisions made to Common Assets will not display revision notes
  • Users can remove access for themselves from currently loaded projects
  • Project History for demo users will not show up until the project is reloaded
  • Attempting to re-import a document to the Archive Document Library that has previously been removed, will not add the document to the library unless the name has been changed
  • Archive folders cannot be renamed unless they are empty
  • Photoreal style assignments cannot be removed
  • Cancelling document downloads only works for queued downloads, not for documents that are currently downloading
  • Tags assigned to Model Streams will not appear until project is reloaded
  • Projects will activate a Master Preset after load if a Master Preset group has been removed

via Release Notes

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New VEO version (now with Revit 2014 support)

Added support for Revit 2014 - new addin installer here.

The VEO software itself has also been updated, with bug fixes and various improvements.  Read more about these at:

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